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Moving art

The role of contemporary jewellery has become extremely important because of the power it can have in visual communication and emotional education. Jewellery is a tool for social observation, analysis and relationship.

Through my collection I wanted to transpose some Japanese prints, starting with the creations of the famous artist Utamaro, famous for his portraits of Geisha women.

("Geisha" = Person of the arts, performer of the ancient tradition of Japanese art, an expert in calligraphy, dance, music and conversation art).

The art exhibited in museums is seen and known only by those who frequent the museums. And, because you can't leave "with the painting on your back" to spread the culture, I created art-bearing jewellery.

It's art in motion… Moving Art!

The “Moving Art” Collection by Andreia Gabriela Popescu consists of unique brooches, rings, earrings and necklaces, made with 999 Pure Silver, 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Red Gold, enamels, rice noodles, rice grass, bamboo leaves, Japanese paper, seaweed leaf and resin.

The techniques used: construction, champlevé, engraving and riveting of overlapping planes at a distance.

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