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Solve et coagula

In ancient times, alchemy was the transformation of substances into gold. Under the action of a dissolving agent, the existing matter was dissolved in order to be re-formed or re-organized in a new product. What we are witnessing or even participating in now actually resembles alchemy at a social level. It is a transformation of the human being due to the current critical situation, one that we haven't faced so far.


The fear of death is the deepest symbol planted in the human mind, in the subconscious of all of us.

We can attribute it the role of a dissolving agent in the transformation process … a symbol able to break the natural order of things, and to subordinate the collective will.

The dissolution of existing matter into primordial matter is the gradual transition of people from one state to another, until separation, destabilization and even disintegration … The re-formation or re-organization (or coagulation) in a new type of order, is the final state in which the new product appears.

State of mind after state of mind, feeling after feeling… overlapping one on top of the other, wave after wave, totally or partially… lead to a transformation into something else, with another form,

different from the initial one but almost identical to the others… to a uniformity.

Under the new mask we end up being in fact someone else, a new product with a new attitude almost unanimous ... and it is hard to decipher or understand who we were before.

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